Listening webpages

Here you have some listenings for primary children. We have divided them into five groups. In this way, you will find what you want easier. Nevertheless, this is our point of view. The last decision is yours. So, decide by yourself :D

Cicle Superior
Listening and reading 
General listening quizzes
La mansión del Inglés
Saber Inglés 
Om listen For advanced children
Teacher Luke

Cicle Mitjà
British Council
Agenda web
Diputació School
Language Guide. Practice English vocabulary, the alphabet and numbers. Place your cursor over an image or text to hear it pronounced aloud.

Cicle Inicial
Topics for kids
BBC Bitesize Primary
Agenda web
Starfall You can choose comics, nonfiction, folk tales and plays to listen to and read at the same time. Some of them don't have an audio. 

Educació Infantil
Topics for kids

Other interesting webs you can find different level of audios and readings
BBC schools
Science kids
Primary resources
Multimedia English 
English for everyone

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