Graded listenings

Cicle Superior
Big numbers_5th Level

6th Level

Present simple and continous_6th Level

Watch this funny Mr. Bean video and answer the questions 


Q1) What doesn't work properly in Mr. Bean's house?  ???
   a) The kettle
   b) The tap
   c) The toaster
   d) The cup
   e) The light
   f) The hammer

Q2) The shop assistant...  ???

   a) is texting someone
   b) is standing on the counter
   c) is talking on the phone
   d) is smoking a cigarette
   e) is eating something
   f) is sitting on the counter
   g) is watching television

Q4) True or False?

  a) The shop assistant is helpful ???
   b) The shop doesn't have Mr. Bean's mug  ???
   c) Mr. Bean isn't happy with the service in the shop  ???
   d) Mr. Bean leaves the shop with a new mug  ???
   e) The shop assistant carries on talking when Mr. Bean leaves  ???

Q3) What colour is Mr. Bean's car?  ???

   a) red and blue
) green and red
   c) black and green
   d) white and orange
purple and red
   f) pink and blue
   h) grey and green

 Comparative & superlatives_ 5th and 6th Level

Starting past, halloween_5th & 6th

Past_6th Level

Cicle Mitjà

Wizadora stories for 3rd graders
I'm/this is/that is


Colours _ 3rd level

Weekly routines_4th Level

 The weather_4th Level

Cicle Inicial
Hello/ who am I?/ animals _ 1st level
Parts of the day/easy adjectives/how many/ vowels _ 2nd level

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